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from a ton of really smart and talented people (no, not just our moms)

We know that light brings joy (it’s science folks!) —so PLAIDmates enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop deck (cooler included). Creativity breeds hunger (surely there is a study to support?)— so clearly PLAID provides unlimited snacks, crazy amounts of coffee and the occasional (or okay weekly) Tuesday happy hour.

Open floor plan + plenty of space to entertain + perfect neighborhood* — this is the agency listing you’ve been awaiting!!

*Oh and full benefits packages, individualized career pathing, growth potential and the most creative and supportive team in the biz!

*weekly and variety packs recommended
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Snack Stocker*

Love snacking? Have a passion for putting away groceries? Do you have the spatial reasoning skills of a Shaolin master? If you’ve won every Tetris championship the neighborhood kids ever put on, the Snack Stocker position could be right for you.

*Note: we do not currently have a snack stocker position opening but one could very well be coming soon! Stay tuned.

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