What’s In a Name

PLAID becomes an entity of its own right when disparate horizontal and vertical lines and colors interweave-creating a consistent, classic, yet powerful pattern. As a full-service marketing partner, allow THE PLAID AGENCY to create this brand statement from your various marketing channels and communication inputs.

Give it to me straight- What is it you do?

THE PLAID AGENCY provides strategic consulting, marketing plan development and oversight, cross-channel management, digital strategy and tactical project implementation, public and media relations, brand creation, multi-channel content creation, social media composing, and more… let’s discuss.

Our Promise

We Own Integrated Network Prowess.

You need an experienced extender. A proven entity who can strategically lead, augment, manage and continuously amplify your brand’s drivers. This is our unyielding reason for being.

We are relentless.

Our adamant energy and focus mean you always come first. No questions asked.

We are fundamentally fierce.

Bold yet unapologetically classic. We bring the experience you demand and deliver with the confidence that allows for you to sleep…even when we don’t.

Meet your next team member.