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PLAID plugs in and adapts to where your marketing needs dictate today and evolve for tomorrow. It isn’t necessarily about a big budget, and it isn’t always about splash. The WHAT may vary but the WHY invariably remains consistent and rooted in customer insights, fundamentals, and a relentless passion to get it RIGHT.

MOFOCO: Monon Food Co.

Full-Service Marketing Agency faced with driving traffic to an established local restaurant and opening a second location with variation of current style. Based on longer-term goals, this called for an entire rebrand from brand story, archetypes, logo, Web site, interior design, menus etc.

Brand Design / Web Design / Menu Design / Apparel / Print / Strategy

Pork Chomps

Full-Service Marketing Agency hired to develop and implement campaign to expand retail and consumer sales.

Mutli-channel / Web Design / Social Media / Strategy / Advertisements / TV / Content / Radio


Digital Marketing Agency responsible for building and promoting Damar’s mission and increasing online brand awareness through a multi-channel approach.

Digital Strategy / Web Design / Social Campaigns / Video Production / Creative / Strategy

Video Storytelling



Public Relations

Digital Marketing